Timberline Capital in New York

Ryan Sasson
Timberline Capital, Ryan Sasson

Hundreds of Businesses Take Advantage of Timberline’s Capital Every Year.

Timberline Capital has been able to help hundreds of buisneess succeed. Just think about how much you could benefit if you were able to have an infusion of capital in a short period of time, as well as the support of an experienced executive team with resources only a large business could afford.

Timberline Capital, founded in 2007, is a New York City based firm dedicated to ensuring the success of start-ups and existing businesses access to early-stage capital investment or micro investments. We are the financial industry’s best source for venture capital. We provide exclusive capital for small – medium size businesses and early-stage organizations to fund and accelerate company advancement.

We have years of executive experience, entrepreneurship and innovative insight to give our management team the knowledge needed to ensure that Timberline Capital makes concrete business decisions that will benefit all of our partners.

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