The Ainsworth-Burgers.Steaks.Cocktails

Ryan Sasson


Friends and Valued Customers:

I wanted to take this opportunity to announce the re-branding of our ultra successful brand, THE AINSWORTH. The official name and branding is now  “The Ainsworth – Burgers.Steaks.Cocktails”.

We have revamped our menus, as well as brought in state of the art equipment to ensure the best quality steaks and meats hit our tables. All meat is being purchased from Pat LaFrieda Meat, the head of the class in meat and steak quality. We are also featuring a new healthy section, highlighted by our kale salads, which we think are some of the best kale items you can find right now.

Please see a snapshot sample of our new menu(s) below. We would love to have everyone in for a taste, so feel free to print this out for 15% off your next visit. This improvement and re-branding will help the nationwide expansion plan we have in the works for The Ainsworth brand, we appreciate everyone’s help and for being a part of 6 successful years.

Thanks and look forward to seeing everyone soon and remember, we are now all about #BurgersSteaksCocktails!!



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