St. Tropez

St. Tropez is one of my favorite spots to travel to for full relaxation so I am excited to showcase my must-go-to spots whenever I visit.


First off, the beauty of the beaches here is what allures travelers world wide; they are most definitely known for them. As well as being the world’s playground for the rich and famous!



Villa Romana

Old world style Italian food and loud boisterous entertainment are on the menu when you step inside. This is the place for celebrities to hit up and the entertainment never fails to impress. More on the pricey side but when in St. Tropez, there is a small price to be seen and be around the world’s elite! Come dressed to impress and be impressed with the dizzying array of beauty and fine food.

cafe romana 2


In 2000 “La Villa Romana” received the honor of being mentioned in the New York Times as one of the 10 best restaurants in the world. It is a well deserved title.


cafe romana


Le Cave du Roy


Not too far away is Le Cave du Roy, the most famous night club in all of France. It is located in Hotel Byblos and has the tightest security I have ever seen for a club. Too many highly sought after celebrities love to come here for the best DJ Jack E, music, and entertainment so the heavily guarded entrance keeps out all the unwanted company such as photographers. Champagne is almost non stop flowing here as are all the beautiful people and seriously the best music.



Up next….a little more laid back approach to St. Tropez. Think casual cafes for lunch and strolling through the markets and shoppes that are abundant and unique