Hello blogging world!! Time to join in, connect and introduce myself….I am Ryan Sasson,  a graduate of Tulane University – A.B. Freeman School of Business, class of 2000 with a BS degree in marketing and management

I am president of

Timberline Capital

1400 Broadway Suite 1404, NYC. Timberline Capital, founded in 2007, is a New York City based firm dedicated to ensuring the success of start-ups and existing businesses access to early-stage capital investment or micro investments. We are the financial industry’s best source for venture capital, providing exclusive capital for small – medium size businesses and early-stage organizations to fund and accelerate company advancement. We have years of executive experience, entrepreneurship and innovative insight to give our management team the knowledge needed to ensure that Timberline Capital makes concrete business decisions that will benefit all of our partners.

I also am a partner in


located at 120 East 34th Street, NYC, since January 2010. High quality care, reasonable prices, and fantastic service are what we all want from a cleaner and this is what we strive to deliver. From dry cleaning, tailoring and alterations, to maid services, we have taken the promise of personal service and delivered it to you… literally.

I am also very excited to be a partner in three restaurants in New York City:



Ainsworth Park

A Park sidewalk

and The Chester

The Chester

 I can’t wait to share all the details on these great establishments and keep you up to date on all the events we have coming up!

Another great business that I have become a part of is

Braced lets

So there you go, just a brief hello and introduction of myself. I am so excited to start on this journey of connecting my businesses and showing off all that they have to offer.

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