Strategic Financial Solutions Named #44 Best Company to Work for in NY

BCNY 2016Proud and honored be a part of the 44th best company to work for in all of New York. This award was won because of such an amazing team of people that care about each other, the company, and our clients. @strategicfinancialsolutions @stratfs #bestcompaniestoworkfor

Barry’s Bootcamp

Join the Barry’s Bootcamp “Run It” team as we run this year’s Bay to Breakers event (it’s only 7.5 miles) on Sunday May 18th.  Run It team captains Tommy Tessier and Chris Reid will be leading the charge!!  We are all going to meet at Barry’s flagship location on King Street between 3rd and 4th at 7am and head over to the starting line together.  The $80.00 fee covers event registration ($64) and costumes!

Barry’s will be providing everyone with fun costumes so we can make a statement to show everyone what we’ve got!  In addition, our team has a little side bet going with the Fitbit team about who can run this the fastest.  If we win, we will get fitbits (type to be determined), if they win, they get Barry’s classes so let’s get this kicked into high gear people!

Simply buy a ticket with this link and we will see you at Barry’s to get “costumed up”!

Erica Stenz was kind enough to model our costumes (wristbands, headbands and socks).

P.S. – wear your Barry’s shirt/tank or buy one that morning!

Register Here:

Join the Barry’s Bootcamp “FUN IT” team as we stroll / walk this year’s Bay to Breakers event (it’s only 7.5 miles haha but we are funning it) on Sunday May 18th.  Let’s all meet at Barry’s flagship location on King Street between 3rd and 4th at 6:30am and have some adult beverages before we head over to the starting line together.  Once we get loose, we will head to the starting line for some shenanigans and good times.  The cost of the $20.00 registration ticket gets you a Barry’s costume and free drinks!! Please Register so we can get a headcount for how many costumes we need to supply.

Erica Stenz was kind enough to model our costume (wristbands, headbands and socks!).  Bring your barry’s t-shirt/tank or buy one at Barry’s that morning!

Register here for the Fun It! team:


March Madness and Zagat

Its the last night for March Madness and you don’t want to miss the action at either The Chester or Ainsworth Park. Not to mention, you must visit Ainsworth park and see how Executive chef Stephen Yen has updated and elevated the menus as mentioned on Zagat (

 Ryan Sasson

Ainsworth Park in the news

Ainsworth Park is getting a culinary makeover! Read about it here but to sum it up, executive Chef Stephen Yen has made some great changes.

Ryan Sasson

Stephen Yen, who has been on Food Network’s Chopped and has worked alongside Iron Chef Morimoto and Hung Hyunh, has put the emphasis on burgers and steaks and has created some unique culinary creations. There have also been some creative juices flowing in the bar scene as well, you have to taste these drinks to understand!!

Ryan Sasson


Ryan Sasson



Also spotted at Ainsworth, Stephen Baldwin, his wife, and daughter

Barry’s Bootcamp San Francisco – Weekly Pre-Opening Free Workout Series

Barry’s Sweat Series continues…

Join us this Saturday 3/22 at 8:45am at Athleta at 2226 Fillmore Street as Barry’s Bootcamp is hosting its weekly Barry’s Sweat Series.   Barry’s, aka the best workout in the world from Los Angeles and New York and soon to be San Francisco is hosting a pre-opening workout series to get a little Barry’s flavor here in San Francisco.  The workouts will take place each Saturday morning and are FREE to all.  They will give you a little taste of what Barry’s is all about (cardio and core focused 1-hour workouts with a stretch/cool-down at the end of each workout). 

This Saturday join Barry’s instructor Erica Stenz and guest instructor Alvin Holden (Yes – the same Alvin that won the 2013 Men’s Health Urbanathlon) as they lead a one-hour Barry’s style cardio and core workout.  We will be running 2 groups (so you will spend 30 minutes with each superstar) to give you a taste of the interval training style workout Barry’s offer.  Reward yourself afterwards with juices from our partners PROJECT JUICE ( ) and snacks back at the store! 

Hope to see you all this Saturday and all future Saturdays.  Spread the word to all of your friends….  If you want to have some fun and burn some calories, then come join us… We guarantee sweat and fun

Try to get there a little early….

Follow us on facebook to stay informed of where our Saturday series is taking place.  Every Saturday morning.  See you there!!

Barry’s Bootcamp San Francisco – coming this Spring to 236 King Street (b/t 3rd and 4th St – down the street from AT&T ballpark

Here’s a snapshot of Erica & Alvin… We’re in for a good workout this Saturday….


The Ainsworth-Burgers.Steaks.Cocktails

Ryan Sasson


Friends and Valued Customers:

I wanted to take this opportunity to announce the re-branding of our ultra successful brand, THE AINSWORTH. The official name and branding is now  “The Ainsworth – Burgers.Steaks.Cocktails”.

We have revamped our menus, as well as brought in state of the art equipment to ensure the best quality steaks and meats hit our tables. All meat is being purchased from Pat LaFrieda Meat, the head of the class in meat and steak quality. We are also featuring a new healthy section, highlighted by our kale salads, which we think are some of the best kale items you can find right now.

Please see a snapshot sample of our new menu(s) below. We would love to have everyone in for a taste, so feel free to print this out for 15% off your next visit. This improvement and re-branding will help the nationwide expansion plan we have in the works for The Ainsworth brand, we appreciate everyone’s help and for being a part of 6 successful years.

Thanks and look forward to seeing everyone soon and remember, we are now all about #BurgersSteaksCocktails!!



Fireball Tasting at Ainsworth Park

Come out and join us at Ainsworth Park March 12 from 6:30 to 8:30 for the Wednesday Night Tasting Series featuring Fireball Whisky.   Each person to redeem will receive a complimentary sample of Fireball Whisky as well as a specialty cocktail created by a Fireball mixologist.

Register online @ 

While you’re there check out the new menu with some amazingly good food!

Ryan Sasson

Tracy Anderson celebrates birthday at The Chester NYC

Tracy Anderson, fitness genius, was surprised for her 39th birthday at The Chester. Friends and family came together to celebrate.

At one point it looked like a dance party….or an aerobic class with Tracy leading! The only issue apparently was the black dress that became see through we folks starting snapping pictures! Uh oh! Tracey just laughed it off and a great night was had by all!

Barry’s Bootcamp shows real life success

Mike Janetakos is walking success story for Barry’s Bootcamp and how it has literally changed his life! Here he talks about his first experience with Barry’s Boot camp

“I was a month and a half into my weight loss journey and starting to get bored from my workouts when I saw a sign go up for Barry’s Bootcamp in Boston. I walked by the building every day, wondering what it was and when it was opening. Finally, at the end of September, I signed up for classes not knowing what to expect (other than a few video clips online). I was looking for something challenging, yet engaging (can you tell I am in HR?). My first class was with Noah and I thought I was going to collapse. I remember thinking, “What the hell did I get myself into for 30 classes?!” I left the class barely able to walk! I was not prepared for that kind of intensity. I went back the following week after a 6 day break and haven’t looked back since”

How his experience has change his life

“What I love most about the classes is that they are always different. The treadmill and floor sessions constantly challenge you. When I first started, I could only do 4-6 pushups in 1 minute. Now I can do 34! My plank before was only about 6 seconds — now about 45 seconds. I could barely sprint at a 7.0 when I started and now I can do 30-35 second sprints at a 12.5 without holding to the treadmill in most cases. These changes continue to drive me to succeed. Diamond push-ups were my pitfall. I could not even do one at the beginning. Now I can do about 7 diamond push-ups in about minute. It’s a work in progress, but a huge leap for me!

Barry’s Bootcamp Boston has become a positive addiction in my life. I enjoy seeing all of the friendly staff every time I visit and love talking to all of the bootcampers I have become friendly with. I look forward to the continued challenges and changes to my body in the journey ahead.

I am excited about my appearance for the first time in many years. What satisfies me most and keeps me engaged, is the progress I have made and how people have noticed the success. My parents are thrilled at how far I have come and are happy that I am on a path of improving my health and wellness. My peers at Barry’s have also noticed. People I have never had conversations with have come up to me and said, “Wow! You look great! What a change!” When a complete stranger says this, it makes me feel good and makes me want to keep going even more.”

Ryan Sasson

Thanks for the feedback Mike! I think everyone loves to read about such a huge success like yours and how this can only make you and your life better!

Lots of Restaurant Updates!

Ryan Sasson

brand new to the menu at My Belly’s Playlist- our duck confit cassoulet. after working with and perfecting our duck confit recipe, we figured this (and the duck confit tacos) were the perfect vehicles for it- give it a try and let us know what you think…

Ryan Sasson

At Ainsworth Park you can spice up your day with Chef’s delicious Quinoa & brown rice Paella w/ roasted tomatoes, Kale , calamari & shrimp!!

Ryan Sasson

20 oz Bone in Rib eye. Need I say more?!!

Ryan Sasson

The apple Smoked Bacon & cheddar Park Burger is sure to clear your snowy blues! We promise it is worth it!

Ryan SassonAnd least we forget, Buttermilk fried chicken is not just for Southerners, The Chester does this just right.